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Keep your eyes fixed on me. 


allison argent + blue


Ayyy welcome to the Lazarus Network. This is a hella network for hella bloggies. I promised to start this for my 1k a while back but school happened… oop 

  • must be following Caroline and Francis
  • reblog this (like for bookmarks only please)
  • must get at least 50 notes or this never happened
  • first 7 members will be chosen by May 3
  • members capped at 20
what we are looking for:
  • friendly,active bloggers
  • quality posts
  • mainly sherlock blogs
  • bonus for clean,beautiful themes
if accepted:
  • we will notify you via message
  • welcoming post/promo
  • +follows from us both
  • our eternal love and friendship
  • spot on the member page
  • amazing new friends 
  • help with promos, polls, edits, themes, etc.

track the lazarusnetwork tag for updates c: 

"world exclusive: boffin sherlock solves another! hero ‘tec cracks ‘unsolvable’ case! is it a man? is it a plane? no it’s super sherlock!